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Atentejo’s Legendary Wine

Tapada do Chaves wines are produced on the outskirts of Portalegre in the Upper Alentejo.

For some 100 years now this property has produced wines of recognised quality which are some of the best in Portugal.In view of their prime location the land is endowed with characteristics which are very specific and different from the rest of the region.
In actual fact Tapada do Chaves is located on the slopes of Serra de S. Mamede, a granite massif, which is why it has unique qualities.

The Tapada do Chaves wines preserve the heat and mildness of the Alentejo Region.

Associated with a strong family tradition and a history of passion and dedication to the land, they originate from the vines of the property of the same name, aged between 15 and 85, which produces black grapes of the vine varieties Trincadeira, Aragonez, Castelão and Tinta Francesa and white grapes of the vine varieties Fernão Pires, Arinto, Alva  and Tamarez.

For a long time now the Tapada do Chaves red has been reserved for the elite who drink it. Its high quality gradually became better known and this wine is now one of the most highly sought after by connoisseurs and admirers.It is made from a carefully determined proportion of vine varieties and vinified according to traditional methods.

Its maturing in national and french oak barrels is the culmination of the genesis of the Tapada do Chaves Red.

The quality of this wine has successively won prizes nationally and internationally. Distinctions have also been gained on several occasions by the Tapada do Chaves White.

The Tapada do Chaves Old Vines is exclusively produced using the vine varieties deriving from the oldest vineyard of Tapada do Chaves, which is over 85 years old.

Tapada do Chaves also produces, from de new vines, the Almojanda, a wine from Alentejo.

The success of the sparkling wine which also hails from Tapada do Chaves is yet further proof of the higher quality of the nectars produced here.An everlasting classic which leaves on your palate the whole personality of a great wines from Alentejo


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